The Last Glass!

So, there it is sitting on the end table….my last glass of wine! It was left over from last night, sitting on the table where I had left it completely full. I obviously had too much last night and didn’t even finish that last glass after 2 bottles had been downed (not that I remember going to bed and leaving that glass full of wine). Now, I am taking the day off, have paid the bills, emptied the remaining bottles and wine glasses strewn about the house and am blogging, reading blogs on and e-mailing my sober pen-pal, Belle. Hopefully, she will continue to support me despite my failures at numbers day ones before. This has to be it. I want to remember the nights and I want to be there for my boys đŸ™‚ Wish me luck and strength throughout this day one, and looking forward to getting to day 2.


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