Day 2, a success!

So I made it through day 2 (well going to bed after this post, will make it day two complete)! It was great to wake up sober, not hungover, remembering the evening and getting up on time for work! It wasn’t until about 4:00 pm that the wine voice started up. Didn’t consume my thoughts but it started all the questions, can I do this, do I want to, is it worth it when my husband still drinks and will be out late all night tonight drinking while I’m at home sober? I didn’t think I’d make it home without stoping but I stopped and read some sober blogs…many people starting day 1 again and here I am on day 2. I’ve made some progress (a tiny bit, I know, but progress non-the less).
Then I played out the night. If I bought wine, I’d have the first two glasses and then slowly slip into a state of oblivion. Not remembering how I got to bed, if I told my son goodnight and not knowing when exactly I went to bed.
Well, I didn’t get wine. I got home and exercised, fixed dinner and had a nice sit down with my son and started to read more blogs. I thought of going back out after dinner but what would that get me? The oblivion that I am so desperately trying to escape! So, here I am sober and ready for bed and an end to day 2. Bring on day 3 🙂


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