A stronger day 2!

Okay, so I have made it past my blip and am over it now! I am continuing on my sober journey and really happy about it today. Went shopping with my boys and am getting ready for a quite, uneventful, evening with them all (which makes me very happy). I don’t know why I would want to dull that with wine and ultimately forget the whole evening and feel miserable tomorrow morning…I think this will be my first sober summer since I was 15 years old and looking forward to every moment of it! I am feeling very optimistic and positive with my outlook on this and can only hope that it is a permanent change in my thought process and will stick for a very long time….happy sober weekend to everyone and make the most of each moment (or sleep, either is good)!


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  1. Glad to hear such a positive post…keep strong and have lovely day, being sober is worth it, you are worth it.x

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  2. daisy4leafclover says:

    There you go! That’s the mindset that will get you through, wake up each day grateful and happy you’re escaping the shitty trap loads of other people are stuck in and don’t even realise it yet xx

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  3. MrsMac says:

    So pleased to hear how positive you are. You know you can do this and things will be so much better xxx

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