And, Day 1 again :(

Really didn’t want to post and actually thought I wouldn’t…maybe I’d just skip it and pretend everything was going just fine. Well, it hasn’t been. I didn’t drink Friday, but drank last night…a LOT! I don’t know what I was thinking exactly but do know that I was feeling sorry for myself, doubting my relationship with my husband, and really wanting things just to be okay without having to try so darn hard at it. I want something in my life to be easy!!!!

This isn’t going to be easy, I know that, but I want this more than anything. I don’t want to obsess over wine or feel like it’s the answer to all my problems, because I know it isn’t. What did I get out of last night? NOTHING! I don’t remember going to bed (but thankful I made it there), I didn’t have a great time, nothing was romantic or special, there was nothing.

Wine doesn’t work for me anymore and I’ve made it through yet another day 1 and am determined and ready for day 2 (the hardest day of all for me). I WILL make it this time and I WILL be proud of myself for doing this for me!


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  1. Nora Devon says:

    Don’t give up!! Thinking of you!

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  2. Hugs. You can do this!

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  3. SWMum says:

    I think the statement ‘wine doesn’t work for me anymore’ is key here. Can you add on to it to say “but XYZ does??” Create a gain as opposed to a loss. xxx

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  4. Thank you all….I am still trying and will not give up! Just have to find my way through this and your support is so very helpful and appreciated!


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