Analysis of the past 2 days…

So today I am really thinking about the past two days….would they have been the same without wine? Would they have been better or worse without wine?

Thursday was graduation night, the 1st night with my whole family here and my husband’s family too (I like my family, but his I have a hard time liking)! Graduation itself was absolutely wonderful…a great speaker, my son had numerous accolades for all his hard work and successes in high school, got some really great photos and the whole event didn’t last TOO long! Afterwards, we all went out to dinner, had wine, and we picked up the check for our entire family (something that usually is left to my father). It felt good and we had good conversation, but I was thinking about the wine the whole time. If I hadn’t been drinking everyone would have noticed and questioned it and I still would have been thinking about wine, just it would be about not having any. I think all the conversations would have been the same and everyone would have still had a good time, but I would have been super stressed and uncomfortable. I need to get over that! Uncomfortable beats the morning hangover for sure. I didn’t NEED the wine and I shouldn’t have had the wine. Lesson learned…

Last night, Friday, I decorated for the party I was throwing and got everything set up and it was beautiful and festive and fabulous! There was a LOT of wine and beer there but really no one drank to excess or even as much as I thought they should have. I didn’t need to have the wine I had, it would have been the same as without, and I wouldn’t have come home to drink to excess after the face, would have gone to bed on time and wouldn’t have the massive hangover headache I have now. Lesson learned again, now that is two events in two days that I SHOULDN’T have had wine, but I did….so tonight, no wine! The dinner will be lovely, the conversation will be good, and I will make it home sober…I have thought this through and made that decision once and for all 🙂


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  1. HabitDone says:

    I’m glad to hear it RFW!! Sounds like you made it through all the family stuff. Now time to sit back and enjoy the summer. You can do this, you really can. Just remember that while you want to quit right away, it takes a little longer until you actually don’t want to go back to it. I can attest. I’m at a really different place now 5 weeks in. Persevere!!

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  2. That really makes sense and is probably why I haven’t made it further along in my sober journey….I need to wait it out and get to that place where I don’t want to go back! Right now, it seems so close, but I know from experience that this feeling might change come 5:00 pm. I am making plans to ensure I won’t cave, and will persevere!!! Thank you 🙂


  3. ainsobriety says:

    Good luck.
    Plan a af drink. Stick with it. Remember tomorrow morning will be so much better hangover free.


  4. It’s hard being around family and it had to be stressful planning events and being around tons of people drinking. Now that it’s over, focus on you. If you have the desire to drink, just keep putting it off and have a sweet drink instead. Think through the drink, I do this all the time. I imagine me after drinking and how I’ll feel, it helps to keep me from picking up. I try to view alcohol as something that does nothing for me and that helps to. I bought the Allen Carr Easy Way to Stop Drinking Book on Kindle and so much of what he said made sense, check it out, if you haven’t yet.


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