To blog or not?

So, maybe I do need this blog more than I thought. I feel that I have failed so many times and so many day 1’s only to fail again….maybe this just isn’t working and maybe I can’t do this. Well, today I feel I can. I am adding tools; podcasts, texting friends, and books and am going to post on the BFB Facebook page everyday for 30 days….even if I fail again. So, I guess I will make a commitment to just 30 more days of this blog, unless I finally get it and on day 30 I am still sober! I don’t feel I have anything profound to say or wise words of wisdom as so many do, but it will keep me accountable and will be one more resource for me. Here is to another day 1.


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  1. Habit Done says:

    Can’t remember where you live but here it’s Independence Day. May this be your true Independence Day from Alcohol. Happy Sober 4th! Just get through today. I just read your list again. Re-read it often and think about each item before you decide to drink. That helped me in the past. All your points could be echoed by most of us…except the last one. Things won’t be easier, per se, but they WILL be better. I guarantee you that. This is NOT an easy path but it’s worth it. Here’s a virtual hand-hold. Email me anytime you need a lifeline, okay?


    1. Yes, hopefully this is my true Independence Day with so much more meaning now (not that it doesn’t carry enough)!!! Thank you for checking in, I needed that little push and it came at just the right time! Hugs to you and Happy 4th of July!!!!


      1. Habit Done says:

        You can do this RFW… day at a time, one day at a time. You will feel like shit but please don’t give in. Put all your angst on hold, live for the moment of being with your boys. Hang on girl!


  2. lifeofsalad says:

    Day 1 is as good as any! I tripped up recently so you’re not alone, we can do this!

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    1. Yep, let’s do this 🙂

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  3. ainsobriety says:

    How about 30 days of meetings? Just to see if perhaps you hear something there that might help…
    If not, at least you will have spent 30 days taking action in a concrete way.

    You can do this. Life is so beautiful and limitless without the haze of booze.

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    1. I am going to post every day, listen to podcasts, and get to a meeting once a week for 30 days. With my work and family right now, it’s hard to find a meeting everyday, but I found the Recovery Elevator, which I am loving, and the Bubble Hour….they will be my in between “meetings”! Thank you for the encouragement!!!

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  4. Bailey says:

    You can get through this! Just for today you won’t drink. Take it a minute at a time if you must, and then eventually time will start falling behind you. *hearts hugs and good vibes sent your way*


  5. No good wineing says:

    A 30 day goal sounds doable and I think its a great idea. Keep blogging if you can, be open, be honest, it is freeing ❤


  6. Lily 🌷 says:

    Every day is one more sober day. One at a time they stack up 🙂 keep going xx Lily 🌷

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