Here I go….

So, this will be my 1st of 30 days of blogging (hopefully I won’t miss or skip a day)! Yesterday was a total meltdown and am seriously considering rehab if this doesn’t stick once and for all.

The Podcast I listened to today was the Bubble Hour…lots recommend it, but I’m not sure I’m loving it as it seems a lot like AA where you hear peoples stories of sadness and despair, but maybe it was just the ones I listened to! I’ll give it another go before making a decision and am going to stay open to anything.
It was the April 7th, 2013 Episode and what I did get from it was that I have to “Keep your eyes on your own paper”, not trying to just copy what others are doing and I liked that idea. I am doing this for me and for me alone and what my husband does….well, that’s his thing and not mine.

So a podcast I do really like is Recovery Elevator and today I heard this: “Do small attainable things on a daily basis”. So today, I don’t drink. That is my small attainable thing!
Love to all 🙂


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  1. ainsobriety says:

    Have you been to AA? I rarely hear a story of sadness or despair there. Instead, I hear of freedom and joy and a renewed zest for life.
    An escape from the sadness and despair of addiction.

    I don’t go to AA a lot, but the stories are the one thing that draws me in.
    I’m cheering you on! You can do this. It is so worth it.

    I’m on a recent bubble hour, but I was also on an old one from May 2014. There are lots of amazing episodes. Keep listening!


  2. MrsMac says:

    No matter what your head says, just don’t drink. 30 days can be done. I’ll be cheering for you

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  3. HabitDone says:

    Thinking of you, RFW, as you struggle through this. Just try to get to even 10 days and let us know how you are feeling then. I promise you will begin to feel different. Baby steps.

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    1. Thank you…baby steps is right!!! At 10 days, it will be my youngest son’s 18th birthday! I can do this and thank you for the support and encouragement!!


  4. Sober Stella says:

    Still watching out for you! You can do this. Aim for 30. You owe it to yourself to not drink for 30 days. Just think, you get a break from thinking about drinking because it’s not a part of your life for a bit.


    1. Oh, thank you Stella! I think I can do this now 🙂


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