Day 2 is almost over and I’m feeling so overwhelmed with this trying to self-care. Got home early from work so I could get a workout in and my son and his friends are all working out in our “mini-work out room”! So, after the piece of cake that I ate on the way home, I will have to deal with feeling like a cow and not working out. Then son #2 needed a prescription picked up so off to the pharmacy I go. Now, it’s 6 pm already, need to fix dinner, son #1 is out with friends and waiting to see if he is going to eat dinner with us. Husband is out of town and I’m exhausted. Feeling the “fuck it’s”, but it’s only day two and I really need to give this a chance and give my self a chance. I can do this. I can do this. Wine won’t fix anything, will just make me forget for awhile and I’ll be regretful, ashamed and resentful of myself in the morning….life has to be better than this!!!! At least I’m sober one more day.


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  1. HabitDone says:

    You know what? Maybe ease into this a bit more. Like get to Day 3, then Day 4 the next time, Day 5 the next time. Have your blips in between where you cave but then get stronger and stronger. Dunno, maybe this is bad advice but I’m thinking one day you will get to a day where it’s easier than you thought to get to the next one and you won’t beat yourself up so bad for slipping backwards a bit. Big hug. I really hope you an beat this. There IS life on the other side!!


  2. Thank you for that and you are so right! It’s hard to think about the future since both boys will be in college and without much support from my husband (by no fault of his own, just tired of seeing me drink to oblivion every night) I sometimes think what is the point? But I need to get back to today. I can stay sober today, so that is something. I will make it through day 2 and will worry about making it through day 3 tomorrow. Tonight….I’m going to sit on the couch, listen to music and read blogs 🙂 Thank you for your thoughts….they remind me to not future trip and stay in the day, moment, and second…..I can’t let me addict brain get ahead of my wobbly sober day/s!!!! I’ve had so many day 1’s, now to concur my day 2 🙂

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  3. No good wineing says:

    Life is full of stress. I tried to avoid all stress and the negative emotions by drinking. It doesn’t take it away it just delays it. As hard as it is we need to learn new coping mechanisms. Keep going, I’m cheering you on 😙


    1. ainsobriety says:

      Yes. Absolutely.
      But it is hard in the beginning. Some days will just be shitty and hard. But getting through each one makes the next easier

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  4. ainsobriety says:

    Get through tonight.
    Workouts are only self care if they fit in the schedule.
    Cake is awesome self care.
    Take it one day at a time. Order pizza when life becomes overwhelming.
    Whatever it takes.
    Stay sober today.


    1. Haha…that’s funny! My husband is out of town, so we ordered pizza for dinner 🙂 Thanks, going to make it through day 2 sober today!!!!

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  5. lifeofsalad says:

    The first few days always go so slowly don’t they, but after the magical day 10 the whole world slows down. Hang in there x

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  6. Lily 🌷 says:

    The early days ARE hard. Just focus on now. You can stay sober NOW, and the rewards begin to stack up .. just keep on keeping on x Lily

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