Just a Day.

Today will be my last day 1. That’s it. And I feel that I am finally ready and finally have the tools, the support, the resources, and the desire to just be done. Not feeling anything profound or feeling happy or sad, just content. So today is just a Day. One more step in my life that will put me going forward in the right direction and one more day to take back my life, release the cause of all my shame, forgotten nights, needless arguments, and pain. Now, I will accept my feelings and sit with them, not numb out and really live.
Today, I will love myself fiercely and stay sober. I CAN and WILL do this!


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  1. It’s almost like you’re giving yourself a present that is so unimaginably awesome that you start to feel you might not be worth it … until one day, you’re ready. Just like that!
    It’s your time to live again. ; )

    Praying for you,

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  2. Thank you Shawna!!! You are so right and I am so ready to live again (well, finally might be more like it)!!!


  3. We can do this! Have faith. It takes tremendous spirit to keep trying. These blogs are like a magic tonic, I make sure I read some every day. Different things I read will keep me going and help to join the dots when I am having a wobble. Let’s stamp out the misery that bloody wine brings to our lives! xxx


    1. Yes, blogs are fabulous and I think as long as I don’t stop trying, I haven’t yet failed! Bloody wine does bring misery! Farewell to that, and looking forward to finding my happiness with you 🙂

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  4. daisy4leafclover says:

    I’m with you, my day 1 too, good luck


    1. Daisy, well done and here is to our last day 1’s!!!! Stay close and I’m going to try and do the same. It keeps me focused and the responses are always so encouraging and give me strength when I don’t feel I have any!


  5. wannabesober says:

    I am on Day One again right there with u. Praying for us to truly make a change this time. My kids r starting to catch on when i drink although I hide the bottles and they don’t actually see me with alcohol but they know I am acting strange. My whole alcohol abuse is a secret from almost everyone who knows me and that brings such shame and I feel like I am living a lie a and just can’t do it anymore.


    1. Wannabesober, we can do this. One day at a time. I am reading Jason Vale’s book “Kick the Drink” and Annie Grace’s book as well (I have it on audio through her web site. It’s going to be key for me to change my perspective on wine and drinking in general and to remember the agony of blacking out every night, not knowing what I’ve done or said, and really learning to use other coping mechanisms….I’m reading, cooking healthy meals, exercising (yoga is my favorite) and trying to find a new routine. Hugs to you. Just. Keep. Going!


  6. ainsobriety says:

    Yes, you can.
    How are you?

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    1. Thank you, I always love your comments and perspectives and you have been through so much and exude happiness in your posts! That is amazingly inspiring and I’m really ready to do this once and for all. Drinking has lost all it’s positives and just creates lost memories and regret and sadness. I’m ready to focus on health, yoga, and finding peace. It’s been so hard having so many day 1’s, just exhausting. I’m ready to start accumulating days, weeks, etc…No more going back! Hugs to you and I think of you often! Hope you are doing well 🙂


      1. ainsobriety says:

        Thank you.
        It is exhausting. I had so many Starts and stops along the way. And each one crushed me a little more.
        I just couldn’t imagine life without booze.

        In the end, different isn’t always worse. I am truly happy. I never expected that at all!

        Keep posting and I will keep walking with you.


  7. wannabesober says:

    Anne not sure if u meant your comment for me or Christy but want u to know I have been a lurker on many sober blogs for over a year and I always appreciate your comments. You, sober mummy, Wendy …. you are all inspirations to me.

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  8. I love this honesty. Don’t ever stop blogging.

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