Day 6. Doing okay.

So, today is my day 6. A tricky one as this is usually where I slip up if I ever get to day 6, but still going and not drinking.

I had an amazing weekend with my two sons, Thanksgiving was low key with no alcohol present or even talked about. Friday we put Christmas lights up on the house together while my husband watched football. There was true happiness and fun in that day; our new rescue dog jumped out on the roof and had to be saved by my youngest, we almost left the cat who also escaped onto the roof out there when going for a bite to eat, my oldest had to save her, and the ladder just barely was tall enough so we each got to test out if we had a fear of heights! It was chaos at it’s best and tons of just plain fun. We had dinners at the table together, watched movies together and really just enjoyed each other’s company! I miss that!

So, today has been rough. We dropped my youngest off at the airport to head back to college and my oldest drove back to his as well today. We, again, are empty nesters and I am missing my boys and not wanting to go back to work. I feel like I need a day to rest but don’t have that option so back to work I will go tomorrow.

Tonight, I am grateful to still have my family. Grateful for my three dogs and sweet kitty. Grateful to have a home, a job, a car and food to eat. Grateful for another sober day and for being able to remember each night I spent with my boys as those moments are to be cherished now that they are becoming few and far between.

Grateful for all you who read and post and care!




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  1. daisy4leafclover says:

    This is lovely to to read! I am so looking forward to a sober Xmas. Last year I was so hungover on Xmas day I was so upset with myself I missed my children opening their presents. I had to drink first thing in the morning to a least try and get a little bit normal. We too put our Xmas decorations up. Xmas will be a testing time if we think about what we are missing. But we’re not missing anything, it’s just a myth our addictive brain has invented. Keep it going, I follow a lot of sober people on instagram and the shine in their eyes stands out so much.
    Sorry for rambling xx

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    1. Oh, you’re not rambling! I love hearing what others are doing and their thoughts on the holidays. I’m looking forward to a sober Christmas too! Usually I’m drunk by the time we set out Santa and stocking gifts so I’m always on a panic that I forgot something or might miss it all together!!! Not this year! Have you read Jason Vale’s book? It’s really helped me to really get that I’m not missing out! Huge hugs and can’t wait to hear how your sober Christmas turns out!!

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      1. daisy4leafclover says:

        I have, I own loads of books, my favourite is a glass half full by Lucy Rocca as she sounds like me, and our backgrounds are very similar. Day 10 for me, really struggling to sleep, lay awake every night but still waking fresher than I would have done full of drink. Just goes to show!


      2. daisy4leafclover says:

        Hi Christy, are you getting on OK? X


  2. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. xxx

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  3. SWMum says:

    DONT. SLIP. UP!!!!
    It sounds like you have had a lovely weekend, you have identified that today is a risk day and you are not looking forward to returning to work… quick!! What is your safety plan?? Identify something fun, something that is a reward, something or someone that can support you.

    Get past your risky day and let yourself fly. xxx


    1. Thank you! I made it through and am onto another sober day! I decided since it was a hard day, I’d take it easy…I listened to music a bit too loud, ate good food, and did a lot of nothing as soon as o got home from work! Thank you for the encouragement, it means the world!


  4. Aww sounds like a wonderful weekend with your sons 🙂

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  5. ainsobriety says:

    It’s great you had a beautiful, sober weekend.
    There can be many more in he future!
    For now, bask in the knowledge you are making a difference in your life and that change is important and valued.

    Sobriety is precious. Hold on tight!

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