Day 2 of 30. What works? What doesn’t?

Day 2, ending soberly (yay)….with help from friends (yes, you), I am okay today.

I am noticing there are a lot of people (aside from me, the queen of day 1’s) that have numerous day 1’s…and tend to fall off the blogs/facebook/posts/whatever….because they (as I have felt, probably, feel they have failed one too many times to be accepted again.) Since I’ve been able to get a few days behind me every now and then, ever slowly, I’ve noticed more and more people in my very situation which is , very, very sad. I know, I’m there with you! KEEP posting, stay, know you aren’t alone!!!! It doesn’t matter how many day 1’s we have…we are trying.

So, what works and what doesn’t?

This varies for everyone. Everyone. Is. Different. I’ve been doing a lot for my sobriety and feel that with each new thing I try, some things resonate and some don’t, but they are adding up and getting me there, slowly yes, but they are getting me further than where I was 3 years ago, and more accepting today of where I was yesterday. Some tactics which are working for others and are recommended, do the opposite for me and have driven me to drink. Podcasts. I can’t listen to them every day, some days they make me want to drown myself in wine. Some, more than others and some podcasts not even related to drinking are helping me more than those that dwell on it. AA…it works. It makes me depressed and sad and yet I live in Oklahoma so may have just not found the right meeting!!!! I would love a happy, upbeat meeting with those like me, I just haven’t found it yet.

What works for me might not work for you, but who am I to tell you you’re doing is right or wrong? It has to work for YOU!!!!

This is my truth, me feelings, my reactions to my life, my ways of coping and figuring out things. This is my story and not anyone else’s. I cannot have judgement on others because I haven’t been in their shoes as those who judge me should be cautious, as they haven’t felt my pain either. Is it right or wrong? Who is to say? Not I!!!!

Love and hugs….on to day 3.



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  1. ainsobriety says:

    Everyone is different.
    I have found being open minded and willing to try anything has been a huge help.
    Especially when I don’t want to…


  2. You have done amazing…getting through really tough times. I don’t follow many people but you commented early on when I started and I didn’t’ know what this (blogging) was about…..just wanted to get my feelings out. I am so amazed you even comment on my posts when I really just needed an outlet for me to feel. I, obviously am not a writer but have deep feelings and don’t have real life help…I don’t know why you follow me or comment, but it means the world. What did it for you, to stop the madness of drinking, if you don’t mind my asking?


  3. I Quit Wineing says:

    I think self help, not necessarily based around the topic of sobriety, has been a huge help. I want to be healthy body mind and spirit, not just someone who doesn’t drink any more. I could be a non drinker yet totally screwed up in other areas. Working on my thought life has helped me greatly. Learning to be mindful, meditative and all round more peaceful and content helps me face life without alcohol. Before this it was alcohol that filled those holes.

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    1. Oh, I so agree with you! Have you ever read Integral Recovery by ??? Dupree? It is really, really good!

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      1. I Quit Wineing says:

        No but I will check it out.


  4. habitdone says:

    I agree with IQW. Very apt to say alcohol fills the holes. I want and need to fill the holes another way. It appears that those who fill their holes….career, personal relationships, weight, health, etc….. are then able to pass by alcohol much easier. Abstaining from alcohol gives a person opportunity to first discover what those holes are, then work to fill them. Guess that is why they call it ful”fill”ment….ha!

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    1. I really like your analogy….it resonates deeply with me, trying to fill the hole of loneliness, resentment, loss…I guess I need to work on finding healthy things to fill up those holes!


  5. Hope you are having a good day 3. Judgment can’t be part of the deal for me. I’ve gone too far down the alcoholic and addict slide to try and look down on anyone in their journey. Way to go! Happy sober day to you!


    1. Thank you, the support is much appreciated!


  6. I think everyone has to figure out what works for them in their recovery, for sure.
    I am impressed with how many different ways people find.
    Happy Day 3!


  7. If I can get past day 3, I can usually make it to the weekend. If I can make through the weekend, I can make it to 30 days or more. You are on day 3 and so have a great chance of hanging in there. So glad you keep blogging! I hate when people disappear and we never know what happened.
    Cheers to day 3!


  8. I agree it’s better for people to keep posting, the last thing I would do is judge somebody for slipping and falling – I’ve done it so many times myself too! Well done, keep going x


  9. Posting in here kept me going some nights, I’d think “I just have to make it through the night, I HAVE to post on there that I’m at day 3.. or day 4 tomorrow”. Here’s some other things that helped:
    -Hot showers
    -long baths, with detox bath salt
    -hiding in bed under the covers. As zany as it sounds. I had some really bad evenings where I had to actually just force myself to have a long hot shower, and then I crawled into bed and hid under the covers, holding them down around me tightly. I just refused to get out of bed lol. I knew if I got out of bed then I’d go and get a drink.
    It was like being in a turbulent sea, being pushed around and huge waves crashing down, but then some days the waves were smaller and there was more time in between them, and I didn’t feel like I was going to drown. It all came down to finding ways to ride out the big bad waves. As it got easier then I started reading or watching movies or anything else to distract my mind from drinking.

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