Day 3. Getting prepared for Summer.

Day 3. Not much to say except summer is fast approaching (we pick up my youngest from College this Thursday) and my plan is to not drink while my boys are home for the summer. I want them to see how strong I can be and want to enjoy every moment that they are home with us.

I am focusing on the fact that wine doesn’t do it for me anymore…not even the first glass or two.


Stay strong to all of those just thinking about quitting or still trying to get to your Day 1. I’ve had millions and not promising I’ve had my last…but I can hope! Never give up. We are worth it.



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  1. habitdone says:

    I think you sound like you are in a different place this year. Good for you!!

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  2. You are on your way!
    Your kids will be so proud of you.
    You are stronger than you think, I bet!


  3. Quitting is worth it, you’re worth it. Go for it!! Hugs 🙂


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