3 Months Sober…my rock says “Believe”.

My rock says “Believe”.  Where I went to treatment, when you complete your stay there is a type of ceremony…a Stone Out.  This monumental moment is where everyone shares a bit about YOU…how you’ve grown, what they hope for you in sobriety, their faith in you, words of encouragement, etc…and you are given a rock with a word on it from the staff (which they choose for you).  Mine said “Believe”.

It was a general consensus that I was a good person; kind, compassionate, loving, a good listener…but I needed to believe in myself.  All my self-doubt and my “not good enough” is what will bring me down and possibly sabotage my sobriety…and they are 100% right.  My self-esteem has always been low and I’ve failed to see the good in myself, failed to recognize that I have a lot to offer, failed to believe in myself, and failed myself as a human being.

At 3 months sober today, I am gaining self-confidence.  I believe that I am enough…just the way I am.  I am finding the courage to live out loud, to express my hopes and dreams and to dream BIG!  There is so much more life that I have to live and for once, I am happy to be living.

Sober is SO much better!  I hope everyone reading this can come to believe in themselves, to realize their worth in this world and to know you are enough…and you have the potential to live your dreams!


Hugs and hope,




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  1. Congratulations!!! I had to learn to believe in myself, too!
    You are stronger than you think!


  2. sophie12hours says:

    Love your blog and so glad I found it – so many similarities! …although I don’t like Chardonnay and only ever drink – wait, DRANK! – Sauvignon Blanc and preferably only those from Marlborough, New Zealand! 🙂 Jokes aside, I can relate to almost everything you say and it’s so inspiring and encouraging for me given I’ve only been sober three weeks to read experiences and thoughts by women in the same boat, and like you, a little further into sobriety. Gives me lots of hope! All the best, Sophie x


  3. Sophie!!! You can do this, and congratulations on 3 weeks! Today is 4 months for me today and I can’t tell you how much happpier I am! It can be hard but it was SO much harder always being disappointed in myself and feeling so lost and hopeless. Keep going!!!! New Zealamd Sauvignon has nothing compared to the joy you will find without it!!!! Huge hugs, and thank you so much for your comment and reading…it truly helps knowing we are not alone!


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