Day 106…had my 1st sober vacation!

My husband and I took a long weekend to Vancouver this past week and it was my first sober vacation…in about 20 years!!!  We had a wonderful time and it was absolutely beautiful.  I couldn’t believe all the huge trees in the forests we walked through, the gorgeous ocean waters along the seawall surrounding Stanley Park and the vibrancy of the city!

My husband and I have not been anywhere where we didn’t drink.  Our typical vacation would always consist of stopping by a wine store on the way to checking into the hotel so we’d have some for after we drank at dinners, we would stock up on waters to rehydrate in the mornings, and planed our nights around having wine at various places and drinking through dinners.  I would wake up, feeling like hell, drinking water like I was a camel in the desert, and would feel like I had been hit by a bus the night before each morning.  Just completely worn out and drained emotionally while trying to enjoy a vacation and time away from home.

Not this vacation!  We didn’t stop anywhere on the way to our hotel.  We went out to dinner, had amazing food…actually enjoying it and weren’t ferociously consuming it with worrying about how fast the waiter would be back to refill our wine!  I will admit, the first dinner out was hard for me.  I watched others drinking those sparkly glasses of wine and it looked so sophisticated and enjoyable…couples sharing a bottle of wine, friends having cocktails to converse over, and families bonding while drinking and toasting to whatever occasions.  But I noticed they weren’t like me.  They weren’t ordering glass after glass and were sipping on the same drink the ENTIRE dinner!!!  That seemed foreign to me and was my reminder that I didn’t operate that way.  My obsession with “more” would drown out the enjoyment of even the 1st glass.  Every time I looked at a table with drinkers, I was reminded of that.  It was a bit bizarre to watch normal people drink in ways that I never could.  So even when that brief moment of “oh, wouldn’t that be nice” occurred, my heart knew what would follow that first sip for me…and it wouldn’t be good.

My husband was supportive and didn’t drink the first night (and hadn’t planned to the entire trip in support of me).  At lunch one of the days, I noticed him eyeing a beer and told him I’d be fine if he had one…and I was!  He had one beer and that was it.  We went on with our sightseeing and then had a wonderful dinner where he had two more beers…no more.  It didn’t bother me at all which was surprising, but maybe because we agreed he would just have beer if he was with me (a drink I never liked).  He understood that him having wine would be uncomfortable for me, and respected that.

We grew on this vacation, both of us!  We are learning to live with me sober…and we are loving it!!!  Guess what???  It can be done and life can be fun without booze!  Who knew it would only take me about 20 years to figure that one out?!IMG_0350.jpg




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  1. ainsobriety says:

    That’s awesome.
    My only encouragement is to seriously consider asking him to not drink when you are together at all. Especially when other people are around and drinking.
    It is very helpful to have a “partner in crime”. But that’s really just something I have found helpful.

    Vancouver is beautiful.
    Great job!


    1. Oh, it is SO beautiful!!! We have talked and I am still figuring out where I am with him drinking or not drinking with me…I don’t want it to bother me (OR trigger me) so we have agreed that I will be 100% honest with him and if I get even a twinge of uncomfortableness, he won’t drink. I know it may sound risky, but he is also being very cautious and attentive which gives me more security and the belief that this will work. For now at least…yet I might just change my mind and end up taking your advice tomorrow though!

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  2. I am so glad you had fun on a sober vacation!!
    And that your husband is open to not drink wine in front of you!
    Vacations are so much fun now, that I am awake!
    Like Anne, my hubs stopped drinking to support me, and it really helped, but I realize that is not for everyone!


    1. Thank you so much!!! I am certainly looking forward to more sober vacations!


  3. Sounds like you had a fun time and sober too. When you stop drinking the possibilities open up. Start planning your next vacay.


  4. habitdone says:

    That sounds like an amazing trip! Sorry I missed your 100 days, what an accomplishment and such a great new life! The world is now your oyster! So happy for you! Hugs!


  5. Thank you!!! It was amazing in Vancouver and I am really, truly enjoying life! There are still times that are a bit hard, but everything is happier now and it’s such a relief to be free from the obsession to drink away my life! Hugs to you too! Hope all is going well 🙂 .


  6. Anonymous says:

    Christy are you doing ok?


    1. Hi there, and THANK YOU for checking in! I am doing super well, at 145 days sober today…I need to post, but haven’t felt like I have much to say lately. Hope you are doing well too and I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you checked on me! Huge hugs! Thank you!


  7. Anonymous says:

    I am so glad you are doing well. 145 days!!!!! Amazing.


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