Day 169…learning to feel.

So, I haven’t checked in in quite awhile but life has been good.  Not all fabulous and wonderful, but SO much better without the booze!  I have had some bouts of depression, the latest being the hardest, yet it is lifting and has prompted me to take action again…to start doing something I love and have a focus in my life.

I think life gets to us when the everyday happenings just keep going along; working, cooking, cleaning, paying the bills, etc., etc., etc.  It is hard to stay focused on yourself with all the outside “musts” that have to be accomplished just to survive!

I am making the commitment to go back to my yoga practice, which has dwindled, to say the least.  Now sober, still in the early days though, I have to remind myself that self-care and time for myself is SO important!!!  I lose sight of that easily…and get tired…and lazy!

So, on this Easter Sunday, I commit to getting back to yoga, to continuing my journey of finding myself and my happiness!



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    1. Thank you! Finally, really loving living sober! Now, I can see what you’ve been talking about all along!

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  1. youboozeyoulooze says:

    Love this!x


    1. I’m kinda getting used to this sobriety thing…and loving it!!!


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