813 Days Sober!

Hi there.  I know I’ve been completely absent from here, but wanted to post a quick update in this New Year.  2019 was amazing, and hard, and just okay all at the same time…which is perfect!  That’s just how life is, right?  I mean, for the most part it was wonderful, but there will ALWAYS be times that are hard and not perfect, which only makes me appreciate and cherish the good times that much more.

So, in 2019:  I took a solo trip to Sri Lanka which I never would have done if I was still drinking.  It would have been so scary and filled with fear of “what if’s” if I was drinking, but instead it was freeing, built my confidence, allowed me to experience an entirely different part of this world, and I met new friends which has opened up the door for me to travel to India this year with someone I now know!

I have been SO much better at my job.  I’m reliable, focused, and not 1 day was taken off for a “sick” day (translating to hung over and hating my life days in the past)!

I have been calm, intentional, confident, and more accepting with my marriage.  It’s still not great, but there aren’t irrational fights anymore and I know and honor my feelings…..I’m not putting up with shit that I don’t deserve!  I don’t have to ever doubt myself or question what I did the night before and there is SO much peace in just that alone.

So, 2019 has taught me to embrace life and make the most of every moment…which is so much easier now that I am actually proud of who I am!  That is huge, and that is all because I ditched the booze and took back my life!

Keep going.  It is SO VERY WORTH IT!  I promise!






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  1. youboozeyoulooze says:

    This is brilliant to read Christy – I remember your early days and following your blog religiously. What an achievement! Well done 😃👍

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    1. Thank you so much, it’s been a long road but so worth all the struggles (and there were lots of struggles)!!!

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  2. Yay! Well done!
    This is wonderful, Christy!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much, you have been such an inspiration for me!

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  3. Ainsobriety says:

    It’s so nice to avoid irrational fights.
    And travelling. So true. I would have been afraid to go anywhere alone as a drinker.
    Happy new year,


  4. gr8ful_collette says:

    Sounds like you are doing amazing! Enjoyed reading your post. Isn’t the little to no fighting with your spouse the best? 👍🏻💕


  5. habitdone says:

    I realized I never commented on this. I am so impressed with your trip to Sri Lanka. I can’t even imagine doing that! I suppose India is out right now and hope quarantine going ok. Hugs.


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