I’m 41 and have two wonderful sons, 21 and 17 years old.  I have a husband, three Beagles and a cat…would really love to have a couple of goats and a pig and chickens!  I am a highly functional alcoholic who is quite the snob when it comes to wine, I only drink Chardonnay.  Problem is, I have 1-2 bottles a night and don’t remember most nights anymore.  I had promised myself that I would be sober for my oldest son’s last year in high school and here I am two years later trying to be sober for my youngest’s!  I have a wonderful relationship with both of my boys and they are very supportive and are always giving me encouragement and hope.  I just have no willpower and think it has been engrained into my mind that I need wine at nights…to relax, to be able to come home from work, cook and clean for my family, and to just deal with getting it all done….yes, I am overwhelmed!