Reasons I will Love not Drinking!

1. I will like the person I become
2. I won’t ever wake up with that horrible sinking feeling….what did I do/say last night?
3. I won’t ever wake up wondering if there was a fight that I have forgotten
4. I will now have PEACE of MIND which is priceless
5. I will no longer have the constant feeling of self-loathing and hate
6. I will be saving LOTS of MONEY by not having wine!!!
7. I will be much more organized, things will be where they belong and the house will look nice for once
8. I will sleep much better
9. I will no longer wake up with headaches
10. I will have a much more optimistic outlook on life
11. I will no longer have to pretend I know what someone is talking about because I have forgotten the conversation the previous night
12. I will no longer have blackouts
14. I will now have more time to myself, for things I want to do
15. I won’t constantly repeat myself over and over again
16. I will no longer wake up in last night’s clothes
17. I will NOT EAT RELENTLESSLY at night!
18. I will no longer break things without any recollection of how or why.
19. I will be much more fun to be around
20. I will no longer miss the end of movies
21. I will spend more QUALITY TIME WITH THE BOYS!
22. I will make my boys proud of me for once.
23. My health will improve and I will have reduced my risk of CANCER.
24. I will be PROUD & HAPPY with Myself.
25. I will lose weight
26. I will be more grateful for everything I have in my life
27. Life will no longer exhausting
28. The bills at restaurants will be much more reasonable!
29. I will no longer have to call in sick due to having swollen eyes and a headache from a fight the night before
30. I will now make a true effort in my appearance, make-up, hair and all!
31. Every thing in LIFE WILL BE SO MUCH EASIER!